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At Pandas Home Care we use an online service called Educa to manage our policy and procedure. Staff, educators and parents can log on to the unique Pandas Educa site to view our important documents, check the review cycle and provide feedback on the content and implementation of specific policy.  

For 2018 term 4 we are reviewing the following policy and procedures:

-Emergency Plan

-Supervision Policy and Plan

-Cyber Safety Policy

To participate into our policy review please go to educa.co.nz , and then use your user name and password to log in as a parent/educator/staff.

When you are in you will be able to see the navigation bars at the top of the home page. Click on "Services" and then choose "Policy and Procedures" to see our documentations. Read through our policy and procedures and let us know if you wish to contribute to the review by place comments at the bottom of each policy.  Please feel free to give us advice on our documentations!