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Hello, my name is Kerry Spark. I am a fully qualified ECE teacher and the coordinator/visiting teacher at Pandas. As a coordinator I feel it is my responsibility to support educators to create responsive, reciprocal relationships with children where they feel safe to express themselves freely and explore their surroundings. Respect for each child needs to be at the core of these relationships, as well as the understanding of children’s needs, interests and abilities. I strongly believe that children’s diversity and culture needs to be explored, embraced and celebrated, and to gain an understanding of children’s individuality it is important to also build relationships with their family/whanau. It is important for families to feel involved in their child’s learning journey. I feel it is important to encompass the wealth of knowledge that parents/caregivers/whanau have both in regard to their child and the wider community.Effective communication is an essential part of establishing and maintaining quality early childhood environments. Communication is important not only with families but also with professional colleagues and the wider community. I also have a passion for assessment as a tool for reflection and planning. I enjoy involving children in directing their own learning, celebrating their achievements and providing experiences that extend on their interests.

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Kylie Gould

-Coordinator/Visiting Teacher

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Kerry Spark

-Coordinator/Visiting Teacher

Kia Ora, my name is Kylie Gould. I am a qualified and fully registered early
childhood teacher and I am currently a coordinator/visiting teacher at Pandas Home Care. I have been working with children and their families for over 11 years. I love experiencing new places, cultures and meeting new people. I have always had a passion for working alongside families to offer their children the best possible start to life. I value respect, trust, reciprocal relationships and unhurried time when working with children. I believe in providing a fun environment where children feel safe and secure to learn at their own pace.