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10am-4pm(Sat & Sun)

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• We provide our service at a low ratio,  which means there is no more than four children under the age of 6, including the educators own children at the caring premises.

• Your child will gain the benefits of attending our group excursions and events, which helps to enhance their sense of Belonging, their Curiosity, their Communication Techniques, 
and foremost have a sense of well-being.

• You can also enjoy free access to our toy and nursery equipment libraries.

•We use EDUCA platform to provide precious detailed records of your child's learning and growing, as well as identifying their achievements and development. 


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Pandas Home Care

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About our service

• Approved by the Ministry of Education, Pandas Home Care offers childcare in various areas within and out ofChristchurch.

• Pandas has a family approach to working with families. Reciprocal relationships are built and developed with parents through regular, open and informative contact with their Visiting Teacher.
• Pandas offers FREE 20 Hours Childcare for children from 3 years old if the parents choose to use their free ECE hours with us.

• Families with home-based educators qualify for the 20 hour subsidy on fees (this applies up to 20 hours per week, up to 6 hours per day) - please call 03-3180818 for information on how the subsidy works for you. Many families in our service are qualified for a WINZ Childcare Subsidy.

• The in-home environment will be that of a caring,
nurturing and rewarding place where every Child feels comfortable and recognised as an individual learner.