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• As part of our training program we provide all educators with free Certified Child First Aid Training.

• If you are a family member (such as a grandparent) and are currently caring or would like to care for a family members child, why not consider joining our team.

• All our educators will receive a non-income testified payment according to the caring time and their qualifications. 

• Our Educators benefited from their professional development and workplace training while enjoying providing a wide variety of play and fun throughout the day. 

• Other available grants for educators from the Ministry of Education:


Become Part of Our Team

• We believe Educators and the environment they provide make a significant contribution to the development of the child. Educators are valued, respected and supported as a vital part of the Pandas team.

• As a Pandas educator or nanny, you are an independent contractor, which means you can negotiate your own reimbursement rate with parents.

• You will receive ongoing support from qualified Early Childhood Teachers. We encourage positive communication so that we can establish reciprocal relationships with educators based on trust and shared respect.

• All our educators and their children benefit from our toy library, play/music groups and Pandas excursions/family events.

• Our teachers conduct free educational workshops and professional development for your continual development and interest.

• Pandas provides all educators nursery equipment from our toy library as required, free of charge. We also encourage access of education resources from the wider community

A number of people become PANDAS Educators including:  

• Grandparents or other family members

• Stay-at-home parents

• Carers who enjoy work with children

• Early-childhood teachers

• Au Pair/Nanny

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